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Work We Do

Undergraduate Teaching Sessions & OSCEs


Role players regularly attend teaching sessions and OSCEs for medical, pharmacy, optometry and psychology departments at several UK Universities.

They assist in a wide range of teaching and communication sessions, such as breaking bad news and breast awareness days.

Using role players improves general communication skills, allows participants to deal with challenging behaviour, and provides focused and structured feedback in and out of role.



CSA Preparation



Our Skype sessions help CSA candidates prepare for their exam.


We break down the myths around the CSA and help candidates prepare successfully.


These sessions are ideal to reflect on strengths and weaknesses in data gathering, interpersonal skills and shared management options, all crucial to passing this high stakes assessment. 


We provide verbal and written feedback, and have a large bank of CSA standard cases to help trainees prepare with confidence.



Postgraduate Specialist Training

Organisations such as CPPE & NHSBT book our role players for national specialist advanced training courses.

These concentrate on areas such as difficult or challenging conversations and breaking bad news.

These sessions often include the use of forum theatre (where participants can alter behaviour in a safe setting) and living anatomy models, where role players are drawn on and examined.